Anti constitutional Section 377


(This is something I wrote in December, but I think it’s the perfect article to start with)

Alright so “Mr. Baap of all courts”, the SC has passed the verdict criminalizing homosexual behavior. But what is the whole point. I mean how do you define CRIME? I feel it is something that is an offence, i.e. it offends someone, hurts their sentiments and emotions. So how can having affectionate feeling for anyone offend someone? Let’s say, just for the heck of it, you are having sex with your partner and I mean heterosexual sex, why on the earth will it offend anyone? Now if a guy loves a guy or a girl loves a girl why are they criminals? We ‘proudly’ claim that India is one of the fastest developing countries, the technology, the way we think, our traditions everything is evolving. It is one of the biggest democracies in the world. I agree that we are done with discriminating over caste, creed, religion, gender etc. but now we are discriminating on the basis of sexuality. It’s exactly how the “white” treated the “black”.  You claim to be the biggest democracy and then you take a community and call them criminals. You blame it on the religious leaders. Who are these leaders? They are some old, narrow minded, vision less hypocrites who have nothing to do. They have lived there lives, collected enough ‘gandhi’ for the next three generations. What they don’t know is that this country will be the youngest country in the world by 2020 with 64% youth, and guess what, 70% of these young citizens don’t even believe in religion. You call it unnatural.  You say that this is an inhumane activity. You called it a disease, a mental illness. But did you ever think that for them being attracted towards the member of same sex is natural and completely normal. That is exactly how nature designed them, they are wired to do this, they are programmed in this way. Asking them to be otherwise is inhuman. Asking them to be behave unnaturally is wrong and criminal! It’s like torturing someone for the rest of their life just because they can never be with someone they love or can love and they can never be happy with someone they don’t love or can’t love.