Lurking Disasters – Part 1.

Everything wrong !!


I have a theory.

There are certain things that exponentially increase your chances of facing your own personal disaster.

Here’s my list of those.

  1. While wearing something white

    I generally avoid wearing white. It is just too much work. I have to concentrate on every minute movement of mine. I don’t really care much when I’m wearing any other color. But with white, it is a whole different kind of pressure test.
    But I have noticed, that when I am wearing white, the chances of someone flicking their pen nib on my t-shirt or a drop of pasta sauce falling on it drastically jumps to 90%.
    Nope, the pen nib REFUSES to touch you when you are wearing blue. Why? Because the color will blend in it. Oh no, it just needs to stand out. So it finds white. Kshygfyshdfh!
  1. When you’ve JUST done your nails and the paint isn’t…

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