Little Boy Blue


My Remaining Essence

“He’s gone, you can come out now.” She whispered softly lifting the laced pink bed skirt and peeking into the shadowed darkness. “I said, he’s gone. Now where have you run off too?” In annoyance she folded her bare arms across her chest and put her head down. “We were going to play a game.”

“What game?” A stern male voice asked above her.

“Nothing, Daddy.” Her voice was soft and timid.

He grabbed her by the arm and pulled her to her feet and crouched to her level. “Girl, if I find out you’re fibbing, do you know what will happen?” She nodded swallowing the hard lump in her throat, and reaching up to touch a scar just above her right eye.
“That’s right, now go on and play before I change my mind. Do you understand?” He rubbed down her arm with gentle anger and stood up to…

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A for Apple. B for Bullet.

These are the words that will make you feel, make you think, make you cry and leave you numb.

Epiphany in the Cacophony


Dear Ma,

I’m sure the news has reached you by now. I hear the police cars outside, their deafening sirens a welcome change from the dead silence in the classroom.
I don’t think I will make it. It’s getting harder to breathe and I am feeling drowsy. I wish you were here. Fussing over me like you do when I hurt myself. You’re probably outside the school gates right now. I am hoping you can hear my thoughts.

We were in English period when they stormed into the class. It all happened so fast I didn’t have time to think. They shot ma’am first. “Get under your tables” she yelled before she fell to the ground. We scrambled to hide under them.
I sat still, my eyes on the floor as a pair of black shoes got closer and closer. His shoes were a lot bigger than mine. I was…

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