She’s a dream ?


She’s a dream. I can see her, I can hear her, I can sense her presence, but I just can’t remember her face nor can I remember her voice. Every second I spend with her fills me with bliss. She is in my head but still someone I’m not acquainted to. For those short moments she is the world to me and after that she just isn’t there, I can’t even say whether she exists or not. It’s like someone wipes off my memory right after she leaves. In my heart I know that she is there but my head says otherwise. I think this is how we humans are different from machines. Both humans and machines have a brain  but we humans have something called a heart which defies logic, rules and facts. What a heart feels, it feels and my heart craves for her in a way unknown to me. I can sense her aura, sometimes I catch her glimpse in the mirror, and sometimes I find her pacing across the lobby. There are days when I wake up to her scent but when I open my eyes there’s no one. I don’t know her name, I just call her ‘Aina’, it means mirror or something that reflects.

I’m scared to tell anyone about her. They’ll think that I’ve lost my mind, which is justified. They won’t understand me or her at least not the way I understand her. I’m scared that they won’t accept her and won’t appreciate her the way I do. She’s just amazing. I wonder what I will tell them when they ask me about her. I don’t remember anything about her. They’ll call me a lunatic, which I’m not. I know that she helps me sleep and she’s the reason I wake up every morning. I want to learn things about her, I want to do things with her, and I want to do things for her. I just wish to know her, I just want to spend time with her, and I want to make memories with her.